Eric Biege, is a young explorer who desires to experience cultures and traditions different to the one he was born in to. He believes that travel is one of the best ways to gain wisdom and perspective on relationships, physical health, moral conviction, and personal vocation. His inspiration for exploration comes from a deep yearning to share the hope of a world filled with compassion and understanding for people from all different cultures, beliefs, and social standing. Eric was quoted saying, "Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, Vedas, modern philosophers, scientist, and great historical leaders all agree on one thing, treat others the way you want to be treated. You want to be loved and respected? You must first give love and respect to everyone you encounter regardless of their beliefs, cultural traditions, social standing, health, or physical appearance. Peace isn't found, it is earned through intentional practicing of compassion and love for one another."  

Photography courtesy of Kole Krieger.